Extended Family Group In Park

United Families of America, Inc. (UFA) is making a special effort to strengthen America’s families. We are focusing on the following issue areas:

  • Spiritual/Ethical
  • Mental/Physical Health Wellness
  • Leisure/Recreation Wellness
  • Education/Vocation Wellness
  • Information/Technology Empowerment
  • Family Relation Wellness
  • Social/Cultural Wellness
  • Real Estate/Housing Wellness
  • Economic/Financial Wellness
  • Race Wellness
  • Civic/Community Services Wellness

We are seeking development of short and long range goals and strategies to empower America’s families. Creative strategies will be used to formulate programs to empower America’s families. Key question: What does the community need to do to enhance our families focusing on issue areas reflected above? Another significant question is: What state/federal agencies, organizations UFA need to collaborate, coordinate and communicate with in the implementation of specific strategies?

UFA will continue to implement the Family Empowerment Enrichment Program (FEEP). The FEEP is built on the contention that the family is our country’s most important institution. Therefore, the family can minimize the juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, high school drop out, overwhelming welfare dependency, substance abuse, prison recidivism and family deterioration problems.

UFA convenes Annual United Families of America Summit to address the status of America’s families and to explore where do we go from here. The summit objective is to foster an American society that supports diversity, family stability, self-sufficiency, and cultural cohesiveness.

United Families of America
The organization that people turn to in need of enhanced intervention and prevention services that have a positive impact on families. We are the organization that people turn to when crises occur.